The Shades of I…

The Shades of Ireland Top 10

Shades of Ireland remains one of Collette’s most popular tours. Here’s a quick Top 10 with some major highlights.

  1. Experience an overnight stay on the grounds of a castle.
  2. Meet the locals on a visit to a working Irish Farm.
  3. Enjoy a truly memorable evening of traditional Irish entertainment.
  4. Travel one of the most beautiful coastal routes in the world, the Ring of Kerry.
  5. View the spectacular Cliffs of Moher, soaring nearly 700 feet above the mighty Atlantic.
  6. Take a jaunting car ride in beautiful Killarney.
  7. Learn how Irish Whiskey is made and enjoy a tasting.
  8. Tour the rollicking city of Dublin with a local guide.
  9. Explore the medieval city of Kilkenny.
  10. Kiss the famous Blarney Stone!

We love Ireland.  Just imagine being there, then call us and we will take care of all the reservations.


About Goodrich Travel

I purchased my first travel agency in 1978 in Anchorage, Alaska. After selling it, my wife and I moved back to the Portland,Oregon area in NW USA. I purchased another agency which was sold in 1995 after co-founding Passport Online. Since that time, I have focused on working closely with our supplier partners (cruise lines, tour companies and wholesale travel companies)to enable them to market their products and promotions thru our large Network of retail travel agencies. I also continued to help friends with their wonderful vacations and will always offer my professional advise and service to help people enjoy the World of travel opportunities.
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